About Cemara Food Industries

Cemara Food Industries Sdn Bhd (CFI) is a food company that emphasizes the vacuum frying. It is an excellent alternative from conventional frying which offers a significant benefits, such as improving fried product quality and reduced oil oxidation because of the low-temperature processing. CFI are optimistic on the field of high technology food production. We also focus on the processing of tropical fruits snack adaptation of vacuum frying technology.



Capability to produce a healthy, nutritious and safe food product

Endeavour to provide a superior quality product with innovative technology, consistently quality control and strictly adhere to the regulations for customers

Maximize potentiality by providing a dynamic and challenging environment towards employees

Able to return sustainable rate and predictable earnings for shareholders

Reliable on strong reputation by giving full commitment to expand business locally and internationally.

All of the strategies and actions will be molded by a set of core values.


To be the most trusted brands by maintaining company value and global portfolio, offers diversified range of product in which to exceed customer’s expectations, achieve market leadership and provide excellent operation in every aspect.